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Posted By: Áine
02-Dec-01 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 72
Subject: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 72
TGG thought that you all could stand a change from the 'creature' oriented Challenge!s this time -- So, she went a found this little tale that reminded her of that commercial with the tree-catching competition in it . . . and besides that, she just couldn't pass up any story that had the words Pashan Pud in it (could you?)!! ;-) Go for it, Challenge!rs --

They Sure Know How To Pitch A Party In Pashan Pud! . . . (August 2001, Uttar Pradesh, India) -- Thousands of Indian villagers have celebrated an annual festival by throwing stones at each other.

Nearly 250 people were injured during the Pashann Pud stone-throwing event near Nainital in Uttar Pradesh. Doctors report mainly head and eye injuries.

Villagers arranged themselves into two groups to throw the stones.

The tradition dates back several hundred years to when one member of the community was sacrificed each year to appease the village's goddess.

The injured were given first aid on the spot and many were transported to hospital.

The victims described their injuries as a "kind of blessing from the goddess",
United News Of India reports.

In past times, when a chosen young man's parents appealed to the king to spare his life, villagers were ordered to compensate with their blood.

There are no rules about the size of stones that can be used during the festival.