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Posted By: Will Bakker
25-Feb-99 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: What do Mudcatters play and sing
Subject: RE: What do Mudcatters play and sing
I started playing skiffle in the sixties. Later on we were inspired by the Kingston Trio and Peter Paul and Mary. Now we have a folk revival here and I am looking for the songs from the original singers, I bought the Anthology of American Folk Music and it opens a new world for me. In the sixties we made some singles,for instance 'Molly Dee',Donna Donna' and some Dutch translations of folksongs. At that time the name of our group was The Mudfield Skiffle Group. Now we call ourselves Mudfield. (I had never heard of a mudcat at that time, didn't know it is a fish) I play the guitar and am the lead singer. I must say I learned my English from listening to records and trying to write the lyrics down. I'm wild about Mudcat, it is crazy that you can find all lyrics you want. I thought that Darcy Farrow was courted by a young bandoleer (whatever that may be,) but now I learned that it was young Vandermeer, which is a Dutch name!