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Posted By: vectis
03-Dec-01 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dorset Is Beautiful (Bob Gale)

This is the one I got from The Yetties in the '70s and am still singing today.
I hope you enjoy singing it as much as I have

Dorset is a'Beautiful

...Oh! Dorset is a'beautiful wherever you go
And the rain in the summer-time makes the wurzle tree grow
When you're sitting in the spring-time in the thunder and the hail,
With your true love, on a turnip plant, to hear the sweet nightingale...

As I was a'walking one morning with a lass,
Two Dorsetshire farmers I chanced for to pass.
And one said to the other as we went strolling by;
"There be more birds in the long grass than there be in the sky"

Oh! Nellie is my girlfriend and I loves her so.
Her's as big as an haystack and 40 years old.
Farmer says hers ginormous and loud do he scoff
For you has to leave a chalk mark to show where you left off.

Farmer looks at young Gwendoline and he looks at young Ned
"What a handsome young couple, they ought to be wed".
Farmer says sadly "It's impossible of course
For Gwendoline is my daughter and Ned he is my horse".

One day as her went milking with Nellie the cow,
Her pulled and her tugged but her didn't know how.
So after a short while, Nellie turned with a frown,
Saying "You hang on tight love and I'll jump up and down".