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Posted By: Deda
03-Dec-01 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 72
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 72
Wow, mousethief, two in rapid succession. Very impressive. Here's another Irish version, this to the tune of Molly Malone (alive, alive-oh)

In Pashud Pud city
The girls aren't so pretty
They all have black eyes and big lumps on their heads.
They get up at daybreak
Throw stones till their arms ache
And then they're hauled off to their hospital beds
To bed, to bed oh,
To bed, to bed oh,
They're hauled off and patched up in hospital beds

They're joined by their mothers
And sisters and brothers
And fathers and cousins and uncles and aunts.
They're all hurling missiles
And hollering "This'll
Show you guys!" and then they give prayerful thanks
Give thanks, give thanks oh
Give thanks, give thank oh
They fall to their knees and give prayerful thanks.

It sounds rather funny
But their moods are quite sunny
They don't seem to mind being banged up and scraped
They say that they're grateful
For wounds by the platefull
In place of the much worse fate they've escaped
Escaped, escaped oh
Escaped, escaped oh
They're all tickled pink at the fate they've escaped.

So the stones keep on flying
But nobody's dying
At the end of the day they all get to go home
So they'll throw stones and wait till
This system turns fatal
And then they'll regroup and trade pillows for stones
Trade pillows for sto-ones,
Trade pillows for sto-ones
Someday the whole world will trade pillows for stones.