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26-Feb-99 - 05:34 AM
Thread Name: What do Mudcatters play and sing
Subject: RE: What do Mudcatters play and sing
I haven't heard a good nose flute in years! There used to be this guy on WOR called Gene Sheppard (not sure of the spelling) who would talk for about an hour about anything. Once in a while he would play an old time record and nose flute along with it.

I play the Clavichord (out of practice), the flute and recorders (also out of practice), the harmonica (never got into practice) and the guitar (at least I practice). I have only been playing the guitar for a year, but I have been a fan of the instrument since the early 60s--both classical and blues. I have a steel-string one at the moment and I am trying to learn to sing country blues along with those intricate accompanyments--but I get sidetracked into classical and Celtic fingerpicking once in a while. I am getting to master the accompanyment; but I haven't developed the coordination to sing along with it yet. I am concentrating on Mississippi John Hurt's music at the moment. I have my eye on Frank Stokes and Blind Lemmon Jefferson for the future.

I like to play Renaisance music on the Clavichord, especially pieces from (eg) the Fitzwilliam Virginal book that fit it's little four-octave keyboard.

The recorder is the only instrument with which I ever appeared on stage, and that was thirty years ago playing British Folk music and classical (pre-baroque) music.