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Posted By: nutty
04-Dec-01 - 04:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Fox and the Hare
Subject: Lyr Add: THE FOX AND THE HARE
There is a slightly different version published in "Green Groves" songs collected by Fred Hamer - a sequal to "Garners Gay" which was published by the E.F.D.S.S in 1970


Six wives I've had and they're all dead
But I'll wager I don't have another
I'm single again and i mean to remain
And I'll go to live with mother

Oh, the fox and the hare and the badger and the bear
And the birds of the greenwood tree
The pretty little rabbits are engaging in their habits
And they've all got a wife but me

Oh' the first on the page was little Sally Sage
She was once a ladies maid
And she ran away on a very dark day
With a fellow in the fried fish trade

Oh, the next to charm was a girl on our farm
Well versed in harrows and ploughs
She guarded on the rigs a lot of little pigs
And she squeezed new milk from the cows

Oh, the next was a cook, a beauty with a hook
I'll tell you the reason why
For a leg she'd a stump, on her neck she'd a bump
And a naughty little squintle in her eye

She was eighteen stone , all muscle and bone
And she looked with an awful leer
She would have been mine, but she fell in decline
Through swallowing the bellows in her beer

Oh the next to claim was a jolly dame
With a purse as long as your arm
All full of yellow gold,such a sight to behold
And a heart so amazingly warm

A rowley scene was a love for Jean
Which broke her hope to a wreck
For she slipped with her heel on a piece of orange peel
And she fell and broke a bone in her neck

The last I had, through drink went mad
In vain I tried to stop her
But sad to say , it was my dismay
She got slowly boiled to death in the copper

The song was collected from Harry Green of Essex If anyone would like a midi of this tune ....please let me know.