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Posted By: jo77
26-Feb-99 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: Stingy CD Reissues - why so few cuts?
Subject: RE: Stingy CD Reissues - why so few cuts?
Well I know this is not popular but it IS happening. MP3. I like a lot of other musicians applaud it's arrival. It means for example, when I write a song - before I play it in public=I get ripped off by some clown - I can put my song on the net for free - also free to the listening public. I believe this trend will improve the quality of folk music simply because nobody will be seeing $$$ in it any more. So instead of playing for dough we can play for fun AGAIN. Course that does not mean one cannot sell a MP3 if it gets a lot of hits on a website. This technology cuts out a whole mess of intermediaries. Optic connections are now being installed. On these a 3meg track can be down loaded in seconds rather than 3 minutes as is now the rule. Another point is that instead of buying a whole CD - which I nearly never want - I can get just those tracks I enjoy. :)