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Posted By: Rick Fielding
26-Feb-99 - 05:01 PM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Gibson/Epiphone Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Gibson/Epiphone Guitars
It might be a good idea to let younger 'catters know that for a number of years the "Epiphone" brand name has been used on generic Korean guitars. These have absolutely no connection to the beautiful original Epiphones of the 20s through the 50s. In the 60s Gibson took over the name (and a few of the workers...the rest went to Guild) and built some good quality instruments although most were slightly more expensive clones of existing Gibson models. I owned a 1962 Epiphone "Texan",that may be my favourite guitar of all time. I sold it to my friend Bill for 200 bucks to pay the rent! That was 25 years ago. Everytime I visit his place and see "Tex" on his wall I'm sure I hear it crying out to me, "take me back! I'm sorry, what did I do wrong? My strings haven't been changed in years!! Help, I haven't had a proper "F" chord played on me since 1975!" It tears my heart out, but I can't bring myself to ask him to sell it back to me. On the other hand, if I ever hear that he's croaked on the tennis court I might just break into his house..real quick like!