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Posted By: JohnInKansas
06-Dec-01 - 07:14 AM
Thread Name: TECH Help: Transferring tape or vinyl to CD
Subject: RE: Help: Transferring tape or vinyl to CD
Having just spent most of the night installing my S.O.'s new CD burner - and not having a blank CD-R to test it with, I can mention the "adverts" on all of the B.S. that came with the package.

Most of the CD-RW machinery I've looked at recently comes with a program called "MusicMatch Jukebox." The "specs" - using the term loosely, claim that it has a "detect tune" mode that allows you determine "automatically" where tunes start and stop, so that you can isolate individual tracks.

Whilst researching, I noted that this program is for sale in our few Software outlets for about $20 US.

There are a lot of other "good words," but it does seem to be pretty much what was asked for, it's cheap, and it's at least got the recommendation of being packaged with some pretty good hardware - HP, Epson, Iomega, Yamaha, etc.


When the S.O. wakes up, I'll see if she'll let me go get a couple of disks (after I see if she'll let me leave it on HER machine).