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Posted By: John in Brisbane
09-Dec-01 - 10:13 PM
Thread Name: Macs, Music and MIDI
Subject: RE: Macs, Music and MIDI
Hi, I'd hope that the need for a MIDI to text converter (and vice versa) for Mac's was now largely redundant. Alan Foster was truly innovative in creating his software because we had no other effective way of posting tunes to Mudcat. But Alan then took this concept much further by creating a dedicated Website where Mudcatters could post the actual MIDIs themselves, hence eliminating the need for the intermediate conversion software. Hopefully most of the MIDIs originally posted in text format are now housed at Mudcat MIDIs in .mid format available to users of PC, Mac or Linux.

In terms of omissions from Mudcat MIDIs, I may be one of the offenders here, because I posted a couple of hundred tunes in the old text format to Mudcat, but was slack in my house-keeping. Over time I hope that the majority have been converted back to normal MIDIs.

BTW the MIDI format means that tunes can now be posted with harmonies, accompaniment tracks or something as basic as key or time changes, facilities not available as text conversions from MIDI.

Regards, John