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Posted By: rich r
28-Feb-99 - 11:40 PM
Thread Name: sea shanties
Subject: RE: sea shanties
An interesting book that covers some territory usually ignored by most books containing songs of the sea is: The Music Of The Waters by Laura A Smith. It was written in 1888 and republished in 1969. The book includes a body of information about sea songs from non-English speaking countries (Hugill also has a number of northern European songs). The sub-title on the title page says: "A collection of the sailors' chanties or working songs of the sea, of all maritime nations. Boatmen's, Fishermen's, and rowing songs, and water legends." Not including the first 4 chapters of British Isles/North American songs the following chapters are found:

French sailor's & boatmen's songs
Italian sailors', Neopolitan fishermen's & Venetian gondoliers' songs
Scandinavian sea songs
German sailors' songs
Dutch sailors' and herring-fishers' songs
Russian sailors' songs
Greek songs
Japanese sailors' songs
Nile boatmen's songs
Indian water songs
From China to Peru .

As can be inferred from the chapter titles, many of the songs are not necessarily work songs.

rich r