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Posted By: mountain tyme
01-Mar-99 - 01:07 AM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Gibson/Epiphone Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Gibson/Epiphone Guitars
Well now I jus no 49 cats is gonna try a'gen ta barter up a deal fer my 56 Gibson Country Western Model Ser.# V7382-20 or my mint mid fifties Framus since he couldn't get up enough anty fer my old Guild. I do like my Gibson a hole bunch an it's more then loud fer a Gibson but when push comes ta shove it jus don't get it on like my D28. Jus keepin it this long shows I really like it so 49 cats if'fn ya is skeemin wif Cletus an Buford ta get yer paws on this here un ya gotta do better then that ole pickup an varmit blaster. Cides, if yer gonna take Rick up on that ice fishin trip a Framus would be the way ta go. Them Framus ones is indefateegable. Be advised them wot goes ice fishin gotta be ones wot really hates their wives. But then it is the best sport ta have if ya like yer beer real cold. I'll be a'waiten fer yer offer an I don't mean Joe.