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Posted By: Linda Allen
13-Dec-01 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: ADD Linda Allen Songs
Subject: Mudcat Songbook
Hi, Folks -
Just adding two new songs -- written post September 11th.The first was inspired by a friend who wondered how Jesus would fare if he came now -- looking like a man of Middle-Eastern descent. The second is a song about the events of September 11th.
Linda Allen

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
©2001 Linda Allen

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
He wore a suit and a tie
He stuck some cash into his back pocket
'Cause he'd made up his mind to fly REPEAT LAST LINES

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
He was New York City bound
He'd heard a lotta people cryin' out his name
He was gonna try to help that town

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
He laid his money down
He said, "a one-way ticket to New York City"
But the ticket agent stared and frowned

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
He had no passport to show
He said, "My daddy sent me on a student visa"
They said, "Son, we're gonna feed you to the crows"

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
There weren't no angel choirs
Just fourteen agents taking him to jail
Callin' him Bin Laden's liar

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
No shepherds gathered near
Just three full colonels in a darkened room
His testament to hear

When Jesus came to Philadelphia
They say he shed a tear
When Ashcroft said, "I hear your daddy is God"
Well son, I'm god down here."

When Jesus died in Philadelphia
They made a big mistake
There was just no place for a dark-skinned man
In a country full of fear and hate

When Jesus left Philadelphia
He said he was comin' back
Soon he was rockin' in his mama's arms
In a small town in Iraq

Ashes and Smoke
©2001 Linda Allen (with additions by Marie Eaton)

It was a clear September morning,
A phone call gave the warning
There were many people dying,
Some were burning, some were flying
Into the arms of mystery, A sacrifice to history

We have been burned, burned by the fire
And we are ashes, ashes and smoke
But we will rise, higher and higher
On the wings of compassion, justice and hope

It was a bright October morning,
the TV gave the warning
Retribution's bombs were flying,
and innocents were dying
A mistake we've made before,
as we sacrifice to war

May these lives not be wasted,
or the bitterness we've tasted
For if rage and indignation,
Is the common cup of nations
Then hatred will birth violence,
Unless our tears transform us