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Posted By: GUEST,Ditzee Lee
14-Dec-01 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys
Subject: RE: Paw, Cletus, Buford, & the Reg boys
Well like I dunno if you'd actually say I was one of their females, like ya know, but like this one time I met Mr. Cletus like ya know? And, it was like wow, man, he really needed some cleaning up, and me and my girlfriend, we like helped him out with that and like his hair was all groaty, ya know and like we combed it and stuff and like we took him to a party, ya know, but um...let's see, Charlene! What was that happened, like with that Cletus guy and my poodle, do you remember, like it was really wild and oh, yeah, I think we dumped him outta the car, did'n we? Yeah, yeah, like it was like this totally bad scene, ya know and wow, like I haven't seen him since...who are these like Reg boys, are they cute? I mean, do they ever come to like the beach and can they like play volleyball, cause that would be totally rad if they could make up the team, we've got these three girls, like Bippie, Bippie and Bippie who like have a hard time like finding dates, cause they're kinda groaty like that Cletus guy was, ya know, so like maybe sometime they should meet those guys, those Reg guys, ya know and like maybe they'd hit it off and that'd be way kool cause then they'd quit hanging around us whining about being so unkool, like ya know, it's really a drag!