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Posted By: wysiwyg
14-Dec-01 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: Help: Autoharp Models: History
Subject: RE: Help: Autoharp Models: History
Been outta town. Thanks for all the info.

I have two now, both 21's, one solid (bought used and extensively recondidtioned and Bm added) and one laminate (bought new, Bm added.)

The solid lives at church in its hardshell case so I don't tote that one around much and it tends to stay in tune because the air quality doesn't vary much. I amp it with a Crate acoustic vocal-instrument amp-- not the one with digital effects, but the other one with the warmer sound. I do occasionally take this better harp to certain gigs, depending on a variety of factors, but I seldom take the Crate because it is so heavy and because at this point the gigs don't warrant risking it in transit. For these, if I amp I take an old Gorilla, either the large one or the small one, a bass amp that fits my sound well for voice and harp.

The other is a laminate I keep at home for working up arrangements and jamming with our gang, and I tote that one around for lesser gigs...

I really love the second one's case tho-- it actually came, used, wtih the used solid-wood one, and I swapped the cases between the two harps to give the better one the most reliable protection. But this second case is a heavy vinyl gigbag with good, stiff sidewalls and with a shoulder strap-- really heavier than most guitar gigbags, etc. I have seen, and its only liability is no pocket for picks and stuff... and I do like to carry some stuff around, including long-handled metal tea spoons for hammering arpeggiated chords.

Both of these have had pickups added, and for hammering the pickup (set on full tone but low volume) makes a wonderful tone. The tones of these two vary a lot, even with electrification... and that surprised me since they are magnetic pickups and I expected these would just grab the string sound, period.

Sometimes now I take an amp when I play outside of church or home, sometimes I go acoustic. When I amp sometimes I use the pickups and a Shure SM58 vocal mic, and sometimes I just use an omni mic hung to catch harp and vocal, which since I play it tabletop upside down, tilted up toward me, this works well in some sound environments. I also like to aim from the tilted top up and back against a corner or stone wall behind me to bounce the sound out to the people from there.

I did see the E-bay items but Harp, I didn't get your e-mail... unless the subject line includes the word MUDCAT, or the person sending is in my address book, my spam filters eliminate messages sometimes. So if you would resend I will add you to my book. Also-- I forget where your thread on F-tunes is-- one we are doing this year that makes me think of you is IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER, in F-- not because you are bleak (LOL!) but because it fits that key so beautifully and because I think your voice quality would be very strong there-- if you want my chords for this one let me know.