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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Dec-01 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: WHY 4 & 20 Blackbirds baked in a pie?
Subject: RE: BS: WHY 4 & 20 Blackbirds baked in a pie?
According to one source I found, there did indeed seem to be Blackbird Pie several hundred years ago in Europe. The birds were quite common and although we think it gross in today's world, they did appear to be a source of meat for the lower classes as was also true of pigeon. The pies were more along the lines of what's called "pot pie" today and were commonly served.

The same reference also said that there was little meat on the birds and that only found in the breast so it took quite a few to make any sort of pie at all, which should be obvious! Twenty-four is just probably a good scan. The meat was mixed with what ever vegetables were available and a coarse flour and milk. I'd think that it was less than tasty, but then again that's by today's standards and I have eaten a lot of Dove and they are small, but have a good flavor.

Maybe the "singing" refernce is something about the flavor coming out when cooked or something. Like it really brought out the flavor and hence "sang." Makes sense I guess.