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Posted By: Bruce O.
02-Mar-99 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: Origins: A Maid in Bedlam / I Love My Love
Subject: RE: Lyrics for Maid in Bedlam
More specifics. George Ogle's song "As down on Banna's banks I strayed" (Grammachree Molly) was in the London Magazine, Sept., 1774. "Maid in Bedlam" with tune direction "Gramachree" is in 'The Scots Nightingale' 2nd ed. 1779 (and probably in the 1778 edition); and same in 'Wilson's Musical Miscellany' = 'St. Cecilia', 1779; same, 'The Scots Vocal Miscellany', 1780. With the tune the song is in 'The Scots Musical Museum', #46, 1787, where it is followed by "Grammachree Molly", and a song from 'The Duena' (Had I a heart for falsehood framed). An ABC of a copy of an early copy of the tune is T048 in file T1.HTM on my website.