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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
17-Dec-01 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: What is a Folklorist? Same as Collector?
Subject: RE: What is a Folklorist? Same as Collector?
You don't have to collect, but it does tend to go with the territory.  For myself, I'm only an amateur student of the subject, with a very long way to go; I wouldn't actually describe myself as a folklorist, as I haven't really done any primary research.  I did do a study of toilet graffiti (!) when I took my degree (in languages, but it did include folklore studies) which was quite unusual at the time, but a girl at Leeds got the credit for doing it first -a year after me as it happens, but the Folklore Survey at Sheffield was relatively new at that time and kept my piece quiet for fear of frightening the horses; for a long while it was only available by special request.  In another life I might have spent less time in the pub and more time studying, got a better degree and taken the academic route; but I was young and not very focused.  Maybe I'll go back to it seriously one day, as some of my friends have done; meanwhile, it's an absorbing interest and a perennial excuse for skiving off work.  Leeder's point about ethnomusicologists is a pertinent one; several play in one of our local sessions, which has featured in a couple of MMus dissertations, so in a small way I've been a subject of study as well as a student.