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19-Dec-01 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Farewell to the Mountains (Davy Crockett)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Farewell by Davy Crockett
If you strip away the sensationalism and troll-like attempts at "journalism" from that "Davy Crockett myths" link, you're left with very little new, useful or even verifiable information. I wish I had the time to reply point by point right now but I will take the time to actually research my sources rather than post a link. I could start out by pointing out that Knoxville is considered to be within most definitions of the southern Appalachians. So "born in the mountains of Tennessee" might be more accurate. And I don't think any of us really thought he killed a bear when he was only three. It's a song, for heaven's sake. Like John Henry and Casey Jones and many others. George Washington had false teeth, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, Abe Lincoln suffered from depression, and so on and so on. Who gives a rat's hind quarters? We have our American cultural myhic figures and they serve a purpose. Were all the firemen and police officers who died at the WTC great fathers, husbands, citizens who never cheated on their taxes, etc.? Maybe. Probably not. Who cares? They have become, in death, something more. And, as one lady is fond of saying, "that's a good thing." Just as our cultural myths reflect certain realities about our country; our country is in part defined by the mythology it chooses. And that mythology inevitably has to do with the triumph of good over evil, the ability of the common person to effect great changes, the idea that freedom is a worthwhile goal. David or Davey...he has become much more than any of us could ever aspire to. The "real" Crockett may or may not have much in common with the later creations of biographers and movie makers. What he is now is the stuff of legend. And recent events should have demonstrated that it's the sort of thing we still hunger for. You had to get me started...