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Posted By: Áine
20-Dec-01 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 77
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 77
You know, a certain Bard of the Fam remarked to me the other day that the quality and talent in the Song Challenge!s had risen remarkably in the last few months. And I couldn't agree more! Whether you all write just a few quick lines, or go whole hog and give us a ten minute ballad, your amazing imaginations produce some mighty wonderful songs. Well done, my darlin's!

Now, here are the latest Silver B.L.O.B.s for two of my personal heart throbs (hahaha):

To derrymacash, a chara chóir, for this Spittoon qualifying verse:

Paper hats and party poppers
On the stage, the new chart-toppers
But lads and lassies keep it tasteful
Keep it clean and keep it chasteful
Pass The Parcel, Spin The Bottle
But please don't Shoot The Moon

And to dear Amos for these lithsome lyrical laundry lines:

My character was taken,
The shot was my downfall,
One of the busted office girls
Had recognized a ball,
And when I woke up next morning,
Three coppers hollered "Freeze!"
They had tracked me down from the traces brown,
In those goddamned BVDs!!


-- Áine