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Posted By: DonMeixner
21-Dec-01 - 08:55 PM
Thread Name: The Haggis season - when does it start?
Subject: RE: The Haggis season - when does it start?
With the lateness of the first frosts and no warm rains this season the Haggis migration has been sporatic and largely undependable. There is great concern among the kilted few in the area of finding a suitable Haggis for the Robert Burns birthday dinner.

The St. Andrews Society, at best a schizophrenic lot, is of two minds about it. Some say to get a locally raised freerange haggis while the other lot will have none of it. Mr. Campbell Mac Donald was heard to say, "If we ca' noo get a' wild one, Burn a ' Brattwurst, cover it w' Ketchup an' feed it tae the tooorists! They'll nae tell tha' difference and we can sssspend the savings on single malt!"

When put to the vote it came up as tie with three obstaining while they wait word from Haggis Unlimited about some farm raised and released in the wild Haggi from a Haggis Forever program run by a local 4-H.