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Posted By: Deda
24-Dec-01 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 77
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 77
These are all so hilarious I really am LOL at my desk, causing workers to look askance. My only public excuse is that it's Christmas Eve and my SON is arriving from France tonight, for two weeks, so I'm actually too giddy to be at work at all, although I have a lot to do -- too much.

I haven't had time, or for some reason haven't seemed able to finish a proper entry but here are my fragmented beginnings. My own creative well is a little dry for some reason so I'd invite anyone so moved to add verses.

#1: Tune = I Didn't raise my boy to be a soldier (Lyrics by the office prude, Miss Grundy)

I didn't take this job to be a stripper

I didn't take this job to be a stripper
I took this job to earn my daily bread
Who dares to ask me to pull down my zipper
And bare my derriere without a thread?
Let workers moderate their drinking habits
It's time to put the booze and punch away!
There'd be no lawsuits, sir,
If workers would aver
I didn't take this job to be a stripper!

Scrap #2, tune = BRENNAN ON THE MOOR

It's of a poor accountant, a story I will tell
His name was Mr. Brennan and in Trowbridge he did dwell
It was at an office party that he lost his young career
Showing off his assets to many a laughing leer

It was Brennan on the glass
Brennan on the glass
Cold, bare and unbuttoned sat young Brennan on the glass!