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Posted By: jake
07-Mar-99 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Barb'ry Allen
Subject: Lyr Add: BARB'RA ALLEN
The first Barbra Allen version I ever heard was this:

An Eagle from the mountain came
tryin' hard to be human
for he had seen the fairest gal
a gal named Barbra Allen

Oh conjure-man oh conjure-man
please do this thing I'm wantin'
please change me to a human man
for Barbra I'll be courtin'

You can be a man, a man
if Barbra she'll be true
if she be faithful fer a year
then ever more be true (with you ???)

now Barbra she had copper hair
and she had eyes of blue
and she was faithful fer a year
and evermore was true

Not very much like the other versions, huh? Its probably some Indian tale put to the tune of Barbra Allen.