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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
28-Dec-01 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: Margaret MacArthur article
Subject: RE: Margaret MacArthur article
The first time I heard Margaret was at a concert in Rhode Island presented by Howard Glasser. I was immediately taken by how warm and sincerely encouraging she was. She invited me and my then-wife to come up to Marlboro, and we made several visits up there. When I saw her harp, I decided to make one for my then-wife (beats ex-wife.) I did it from memory, so when I brought it up the next time we went to visit, it was interesting to see how close it was, and yet how it differed. I was blessed with ignorance then (and still am.) Sometimes it takes ignorance to do something you'd never attempt if you "knew better." I don't have John's technical knowledge so I just made it the way it seemed like I should. Didn't know how to string it, so I just did it by feel, and tuned 'er up. Played fine..

Most importatnly, Margaret became a true friend, and I treasure the times that I spent with her, John and her family. John and I walked the fields together, watching for birds and comparing notes (I had taught bird classes at the Museum where I worked, and stepped out into the cold Vermont night to look at the sky. John and I also shared a fascination with astronomy.

Last fall, I had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with Margaret at a Eisteddfod revival in honor of Howard's retirement. Everything came full circle. My son, who was less than a year old the first time I heard Margaret is 32 now. Margaret is as charming, sweet and unassuming now as she was the first time that I heard her.

Let's hope that Margaret is reading all of these postings!

Congratulations, Margaret! Sometimes the good girls win.