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Posted By: Justa Picker
30-Dec-01 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: 10K for a Uke??!!
Subject: RE: 10K for a Uke??!!
Yeah I noticed that too Jon.
Something just a little fishy going on there.
Granted it's in what appears to be mint condition, but even a starting price of 5K ---for a uke? (At 10K it should come attached to a prewar D-18. **G**)

There are a lot of incredulous prices being asked for Martins on E-Bay right now. I especially love the brand new Woody Guthrie OO-18 being touted as "vintage". There's also a guy with a really nice looking what-he-calls custom 1979 "D-45". He wants 15K. Unfortunately he blew any chance of getting anything near that for this, because (a) the back and sides are Indian rosewood (as opposed to BRW) and secondly a 3-piece/D-35 style back?) Nope. 15K. Don't think so although I'm sure he may very well have paid close to that back then. It's probably worth closer to about 6K, if that, on today's market.