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Posted By: Sorcha
30-Dec-01 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: 10K for a Uke??!!
Subject: RE: 10K for a Uke??!!
Preaching to the choir, here, boyz. I would rather give away an instrument to someone who will play it than sell it for some ridiculous price anywhere, esp. on E-bay. In fact, I have done that.

The only way I would buy any instrument from E-bay is if it were under $50 US and I didn't care if it was "as represented". Idiots.

"Violins" (notice I did not say fiddles") are now starting at several K for a "good student instrument". Suzuki crap and small scale ones can be had for $300, but you could get more sound out of a garbage can with strings. Sad.

In the last year, I have sold an Amati style 3/4 size violin for $100, a lap dulcimer for $65 and given away a 5 string banjo. All are being played now which gives me great joy. I am still looking for the Right Home for a very mellow orchestral violin and viola.

I can play the viola and LOVE the sound, but I can't read alto clef and have no orchestra to play in anyway. I just play the viola as if it were a violin--but it's a 5th lower so it won't truly haromonize unless I learn new fingerings for all the tunes I know. I am NOT selling them on E-bay to some idiot stranger.