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Posted By: Mudjack
08-Mar-99 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Mudders, I've owned several over the years. They have great resale value but frankly are over priced for what you get. You can purchase most any hand built guitar for less money and have a lifetime keeper.Martins have a terrific reputation but by far not the best guitar for the money. I was new at what a guitar should sound like, my first Martin 000-18 barked like an old dog.My D-28 sounded great and sold it for more than I paid. I had a D-35-s,good sound but sold it when I needed money for a new roof.My sons 00-18 was the best sounding of all. I sold and let go more Martins than anyone should admit to. Reason being I had a 1971 Lo Prinzi that simply out performed any of the Martins. ...Jack....