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Posted By: AllisonA(Animaterra)
02-Jan-02 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Acapella 2-4 part easy harmony songs
Subject: RE: Acapella 2-4 part easy harmony songs
Hmmm. How to arrange for 4 part women's voices in one easy lesson? It's hard to explain. I'm classically trained, and the harmony classes at Boston U in the 70's were centered around Bach chorales- soprano, alto, tenor, bass. That, and just years and years of singing harmony myself, have trained me to "hear" what should work- and often it does!

-I like putting melody into a middle voice, let's call it alto.
-Then you can stick a descant, kinda soaring harmony, above it.
-Then stick in a bass riff in the lowest voice. Be careful not to arrange the key so the lowest notes are too low for your voices!

-Sometimes a fourth harmony creates a nice rich texture; either a third below the melody or more of a kind of drone between the melody and bass voice.
-Check to make sure none of the harmony voices are doubling each other too much!

Voila! a capella!