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Posted By: Áine
02-Jan-02 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 77
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 77
Alrightey, Challenge!rs -- Here ya go, your belated Christmas pressies of Cow Chips and what-nots. Thanks so much for the past year's belly laughs and gut wrenching guffaws -- You all are GREAT!!! ;-)

-- Áine

Winners of the Golden Cow Chip with Shamrock Cluster (The Shamrock Cluster is awarded for a very high level of imagination, imagery, and/or creative use of language in a song):

Give It A Rest, Ye Merry Revelers by Genie
He Came Upon the Xerox Clear by Sonja
I Didn't Take This Job To Be A Stripper by Deda
The Little Toner Drum Boy by Jack the Sailor
Oh, What A Wild Office Party by Sonja

Winners of the Golden Cow Chip with Harp Ribbon (The Harp Ribbon is given for being able to make The Keeper of the Book fall on the floor laughing OR make her short out her keyboard with tears):

Boney Fingers by Jack the Sailor
The Copied Bummer by Genie
Dear Flabby by Clifton53
Fifty Ways To Scan Your Booty (or Fifty Ways To Scan Uncovered) by Sonja
Jolie All Saints' Hawker Lass by Genie
Just Bums by MMario
Memo by Genie
The Office Secretary by Bradypus
The Sun Shines by derrymacash

Winners of the Golden Cow Chip with Guinness Crest (The Guinness Crest is awarded for causing both Harp Ribbon conditions within one song):

The Copying of My Backside by derrymacash
The Picture of Dorian Gray's Backside by derrymacash

Winners Of The Golden Cow Chip Award With Memorial MMario Silverplated Spittoon (The GCCWMMSPS is awarded to the Challenge! entry which evokes an instantaneous bubbling up of frothy mirth from out of the lips of the Keeper of the Book and onto her monitor screen):

The Christmas Thong by Genie
Richard Branson (Kept His Pants On) by derrymacash
The Xeroxed Burglar by Amos