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Posted By: Barry Finn
09-Mar-99 - 02:00 AM
Thread Name: What did John Henry mean?
Subject: RE: What did John Henry mean?
John had to drill holes in the rock so it (the holes) could be packed with explosives. A shaker or turner (really an assistant to the steel driver who'd turn the bit as it kept going deeper in) would hold a steel rock bit (& try not to shake) while John would "I'm swing 40 pounds from my hips on down, you otta hear that cold steel ring". A 9 or a 12 pound hammer would be more like it though, then if you missed you'd only cave in the shaker's squash & if he were holding a long bit for someone with a 40 lb sledge then there was nothing in that ol noggin of his to begin with, no brain no pain. Barry