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Posted By: GUEST,Mark Clark (via public proxy)
03-Jan-02 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: Chord Diagram Primer
Subject: RE: Chord Diagram Primer
In another thread I created a chord link (F#°7) using my description above only to find that it didn't result in a valid diagram. Wondering why, I emailed Perry Roland, the developer of the Online Guitar Chord Dictionary, to see if he knew why my link had failed. In a very polite reply, he pointed out that I had used the sharp sign (#) as clear text in the link and that special character causes the parameter list to be invalidated. Perry pointed out that I needed to “escape” the special characters so they wouldn't be seen as control characters by the host operating system.

Any use of the sharp sign (#) in active links to Perry's dictionary should be replaced with a percent sign and the hexadecimal (base 16) representation of the sharp sign (%23).

Perry actually suggested that all special characters be escaped so the #, -, :, and / characters should be replaced by %23, %2d, %3a, and %2f, respectively and I know this is good advice but, in my own experience, only the sharp sign actually requires the alternate coding in this particular application.

      - Mark