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Posted By: Willie-O
10-Mar-99 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Yell-response songs
Subject: Hull, Halifax and Hell
Hull Quebec is right across the Ottawa River from Ottawa where I'm from...the bars were open two hours later on that side so it had a rowdy image...that line has always resonated for me.

Art you oughtta be ashamed of yourself but I guess that's not likely. Fewer verse, not more. A sceptic tank? Is that where they lock up religious fanatics in a rational country? (Or sceptics in a religious one? I'd be there. Don't want to contemplate where you'd be.)

But to get to the original point of this thread, "Alabama John Cherokee" is about the best call and scream song I know. Not very Rennaisance, but since you's in the DT as John Cherokee. Got a kind of calypso feel. Here are the first couple of verses not in DT:

This is the tale of John Cherokee
(Alabama John Cherokee!)
Indian man from Miramichi
(Alabama John Cherokee!)

Raised as a slave in old Alabam
John ran away every time he can (AJC!)

OK it doesn't make good geographic sense, whaddaya want.