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Posted By: wysiwyg
08-Jan-02 - 11:06 AM
Thread Name: MC Trouble and AUCTION!!
Subject: RE: MC Trouble and AUCTION!!
Wait, a breakdown of costs is OK-- just break it down further and then "market" it so that it remains inclusive. In Red Cross we used to explain and publicize funding needs that way all the time.

OK, let's see.

Fix my numbers, but here's a stab at it-- just a draft--

$270 keeps xxxxx DT songs available to the public, at an average of xxxx hits per month.

$85 provides public access to xxxx hours of freshly-archived radio broadcasts available for an average xxxx hits per week.

$12 ensures that one day's 24-hour thread list is available for song research and discussion, for an average xxxx hits per day.

50 cents covers an hour's posting time.

The marketing "trick" is not to use these to illustrate user's fees, but to show how we help keep this open for others.

Banners should be discussed with Pene, IMO-- see how he has birthdays automated now in Resources? At least I assume they are automated. If they are feasible, maybe as part of the randomized "news" copy that now includes auction items, consider doing them like we do memorial candles at church-- you get some people together or underwrite it yourself, to pay the cost of the sanctuary candle, in memory of a loved one who has died. You pick a week that's an anniversary of something special in that person's life. Or Christmas greenery or Easter flowers, everyone kicks in what they can and the names of memorialized go onto a list published in the week's service leaflet. Here, the banners could be ways of recognizing living and passed-on folkies, on a date that has some significance, so that it can be automated. If it takes more than one person to do the day's or week's banner or blurb, then the group name or individual names go on it, that's all. And it's not the ONLY way to support Mudcat-- just one of many.

And here is one more idea-- auction banners recognizing people. Only instead of the "winner" paying the whole fee, each bidder kicks in a buck (or more) twoards the group effort being waged in that person's honor. Susan in CA did a Mudcat donation challenge to educators, for instance, in a thread-- these could go into an auction format.