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Posted By: Snuffy
09-Jan-02 - 08:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Eency Weency Mary Ellen Carter
Subject: Lyr Add: MARY ARDEN'S CARTHORSE/Mary Ellen Carter
There's also this 400-year-old fragment from Warwickshire:

We set off last October and the rain was pouring down
For some fun and lots of drinking at the Mop in Stratford town
So we didn't fancy walking, but Bill Shakespeare knew the trick
And so Mary Arden's carthorse we did nick.
There were five of us aboard her when we finally hit the road
She started off all right, but then she stumbled with the load
And the noise she made when she went down, it caused us to exclaim
We'd make Mary Arden's carthorse ride again.

Ride again, ride again
That her mane not be tossed to the cruel knacker's men
Those of us who loved her and were with her to the end
Will make Mary Arden's carthorse ride again.

WassaiL! V