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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
10-Jan-02 - 05:11 AM
Thread Name: Help: HELP Guitar Sounds like a Harpsichord !
Subject: RE: Help: HELP Guitar Sounds like a Harpsichord !
First off, that 'thingymajig' is called a saddle... just to let ya know...

Ummm... it's gone tinny though eh? Is it buzzing off the frets at all?? Lighter gauge strings will tend yer ax towards the higher end of it's tone, but the sound yer describing is like a "high strung" guitar (using ONLY the octave strings from a pack of 12 strings on a 6 string guitar...)

Sounds to me like maybe ya filed too much away, and now you've lost the good resonence yer guitar used to have...

Find a trained professional, and have them stick an ear to it, and see what they suggest...

Best of luck to ya eh!