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Posted By: Gareth
10-Jan-02 - 04:59 PM
Thread Name: MC Trouble and AUCTION!!
Subject: RE: MC Trouble and AUCTION!!
Refresh Folks - rember it's going to take a looooong haul to Keep the Cat and Max out of the mire.

Could some Cater with a better knowledge of the real costs, and USA prices, put ball park figures on what is needed to keep the Cat open.

That way we can all contemplate what we collectively need to raise per annum to keep the show open.

On the basic costs as supplied by various catters I contemplate an absalute minimum annual budget of US$ 4,500.00 or circa £3,200.00.

How much is that per head ??? And how much does that relate in Pints or Bottles of Beer or other beverage ???