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11-Jan-02 - 04:06 AM
Thread Name: COPYRIGHT ???
Subject: RE: COPYRIGHT ???
The "semd yourself a registered letter with the postmark going across all the sealed surfaces.( flaps, etc)DO NOT OPEN IT. put it in a safe place./ This sets the date of composition. The author owns the "copy rights" and can sell it or give it to anyone he or she chooses. These rights automatically belong to the composer, and the one with the earliest "date of composition" wins all the marbles.

In the USA, you can register the date of composition with the Library of Congress simply by requesting an "E" form, fill it out, send it in with a copy of the original material together with the filing fee.and, Bob's your uncle, the dte of composition is SECURELY established.

A "copyright" is not something one has to apply for, The rights to the copy always resides with the author unless it is given to someone el;se BY THE AUTHOR . The E form is the cheapest and easiest way to register the date with the Library of Congress. There are more expensive, more complicated ways of accomplishing this "setting the Date" with the Library of Congress, and they are not one bit more secure than the two methods outlined above.