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Posted By: Paddy Plastique
11-Jan-02 - 08:35 AM
Thread Name: Help: HELP Guitar Sounds like a Harpsichord !
Subject: RE: Help: HELP Guitar Sounds like a Harpsichord !
Thanks for all the contributions - no offence taken. Reasons I'm reluctant to go to experts are: 1/ It's nothing fancy guitar wise - probably cost me a good proportion of the guitar's value to get any sort of work done 2/ I live in a small town in SW France therefore the local experts, being French, are even more arrogant and patronising than experts are normally wont to be 3/ when I did go to the one music shop in town with my old broken 'saddle' (now I know what it's called!), I got those legendary French levels of 'service au client' basically 'ere's ze bit, now pees off et debrouille-toi' after they charged me for the piece of un-filed plastic, of course. From what some of you say, I reckon it's the saddle unevenly filed down - must try it without the DTs next time. In French, by the way, George, you can use 'machin-bidule' (m. noun) to substitute for almost any concrete object. Very useful word. Know where you're coming from Cranky. Dunno where you're coming from the organ fella, somewhere just north of 'your vocabulary', I suppose. Slán to all.