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Posted By: BK
12-Mar-99 - 11:23 PM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Incredible! the mudcat strikes again; Years ago when I was a starry-eyed adoring Martin-can-do-no-wrong fan, I would visit the factory every time I came home on leave. There I would always see Tipples being made & was always amazed, cuz I'd been stationed on both coasts & travelled a lot, always browsing in any store that had musical instruments & going to hear whatever local folkie gigs I could find, etc.. I was always flabergasted at Tipples; I'd never, never, never, ever, ever seen one ANYWHERE except the factory (or the catalog). I'd been told they are tuned something like a mandolin -but didn't play the mandolin then..

I used to joke that they were not made for human beings, but rather for some sentient species from another star system who'd heard abt Martin's legendary quality and secretly commissioned their construction. So: a VERY few of the 'catters know of Tipples; Martin must've made a lot of 'em cuz I ALWAYS saw them on my factory visits, 'n where could they be going???

Therefore, I'm still wondering abt the alien species hypothesis (or maybe they're for leprechaun's - their equivalent of a 12-string??) They could easily leave a few of those many tipples around to allay any suspicians. But: what's next, gang?? Are they now breeding super aliens, large enough to play a dreadnaught? Will there be an invasion, in which they steal all the D-28's & D-18's, leaving the nation bereft?? What will become of us? Oh, Woe is us..

Cheers, BK

ps; Ok, for real now. As a group, 'catters have a LOT of expertise & experience. HOW MANY of us have actually seen Tipples being used??? Replies, PLEASE! Inquiring minds want to know... The National Enquirer wants to know, even Elvis wants to know - just before he leaves he building. Again.