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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Jan-02 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: Jean Ritchie - KY Music Hall of Fame
Subject: RE: Jean Ritchie - KY Music Hall of Fame
Why is it that so many of our better threads often turn to food at some point? Anyways........Jea, you can eat from one end of the country to the other and back again with 'catters who'd dearly love to cook up a meal for you. Stopping by here could net you a "Black Walnut Pork Roast" with sweet potatoes and an apple compote. Top it off with some Buttermilk Pie and you'll be all set.

Now when I read your comment above, I figured perhaps I might need to refresh your memory some. You said: "Many thanks, folks; I really don't know why I was chosen for this...." Let me help you out on that.

Your story and history of coming north and how you and your dulcimer began to be recognized is well known. Your message from the mountains was carried to many by a lovely voice and a virtually unknown instrument. The generation of folkies you met then saw that what you had and what you gave was the real thing. But then it went much further.

It's the sixties, and an entire generation, now in their fifties, was hearing the sounds of folk music. At first we heard it through the "filters" that were many times removed from the source, but it caught our attention. It made us look for more. Soon we began to find artists who were the real thing, the wellspring of American traditional music. At the top of that list was Jean Ritchie and for most of us, the truth and beauty of your songs touched something deep inside and sparked a lifelong interest. The "Mother of the Appalachian Dulcimer" is also the "Mother of the Southern Mountains".......Very few people can say they have touched as many lives as you have touched, influenced as many as you have, and brought to the forefront the traditional music that is our birthright.

Hope that helps to refresh your memory as to why you're getting this richly deserved award.