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16-Jan-02 - 06:39 AM
Thread Name: why is a guitar bridge glued down?
Subject: RE: why is a guitar bridge glued down?
I agree, it SHOULD be glued down. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something when I surmised that the bridge, bing pressed down by the string coming up through the top and anchored under the bridge plate, tended to slide forward toward the neck.

Catspaw49: to answer your question, by looking at m,y guitar and having to re-glue the bridge seven times on my Martin D-28 (1964 Brazilian Rosewood) It seems to me that the Martin Co, with it's great reputation, should be able to glue a bridge on a flattop guitar to where it wouldn't come unglued unless one wanted it to.

As for previous threads, I used to call the bridge saddle,"the bridge bone" This seemed to suffice. I didn't know that it was called "the saddle" until fairly recently. My terminology seemed to suffice./

Paul Geremia really loves guitars, his favorite pastime (he says) is restoring old "beat up and decrepid" 12 string guitars. When he's through with one it sounds like a million dollars. He uses the "strings anchored at the tail piece and over an unglued bridge" exclusively. He did things to my D-28, that improved it's tone immesureably (did I spell that right?) He refastened some of the struts and braces under the top. .