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Posted By: Murray MacLeod
16-Jan-02 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: Tech: A Benign and Wise Google?
Subject: A Benign and Wise Google?
Intrigued by Katlaughing's mention on one of her threads that a search on her nom de plume on Google would come up with many Mudcat postings, I tried it, and lo, it was true.

Just for fun, I tried searching on my own name+"Mudcat" and sure enough was rewarded with links to a number of threads to which I had posted. What amazed me however, was that none of these links were to any of the contentious, not to say outrageous stuff which I was prone to posting at one time. Most of the links were to music threads, and contained nothing nothing controversial.

So am I to believe that Google is even more omniscient than I had previously believed? Can I credit this amazing search engine with the ability to perform selective and forgiving editing ?

And is it as beneficent to everybody else, or am I just special ...............:-)