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16-Jan-02 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Titanic and Olympic
Subject: RE: Titanic and Olympic
Got the following from a site:
Olympic's maiden voyage was a complete success. She had flawlessly crossed the Atlantic at an average of 21.7 knots. The ship's next few voyages were just as good. But disaster struck at the beginning of the fifth crossing. It was just after noon on the twentieth of September, 1911, when Olympic left Southampton and proceeded down the Spithead Channel, the water between the British mainland and the Isle of Wight, on her way to the English Channel and Cherbourg, France to pick up her next load of passengers. Suddenly, the Edgar-class cruiser, HMS Hawke, of the British Royal Navy, was seen in the fog. The war ship began to get sucked in to the Olympic by her huge propellers. Collision was unavoidable and the Hawke rammed into Olympic's starboard side. The Hawke nearly capsized before she broke away. In the end, Olympic was left with a triangle shaped gash in her side and a damaged propeller. The Hawke was left with a badly damaged bow. Luckily, no one was killed. Both ships limped to the nearest port.