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Posted By: reggie miles
14-Mar-99 - 01:37 AM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?

Concern for loss of species???, armadillos have to be one of the stupidest animals on the planet. (NOI) When I was living in New Orleans twenty years ago the jug band that I was working with, Washboard Jackson's Hot Damn Jug Band, had a day job that the whole band shared. We each took turns driving a ten ton mail truck and delivering bulk mail for a private contractor who worked with the New Orleans Post Office. Half way to Atlanta we swapped trucks at a little truck stop with another other driver who was south bound. We carried his mail south he took ours north. It was a thirteen hour run there and back again. I remember even though the trucks had govenors on their carburetors I managed to make it to the swap stop earlier than usual one time. I took that time to drive through the little town of Georgiana, Alabama which was located right off the main road where we met at the truck stop. A beautiful little town, sleepy, quiet, it made me feel I had stepped back in time about a hundred years. I am digressing a bit here. My point was that, on this run of thirteen hours, I have never seen more dead armadillos in my entire life. I never hit any myself mind you. Must be some combination of bad eyesight and an inability to hear on coming traffic. I figure with hearing that bad they just naturally aren't much good as a musical instrument. They'd always be out of tune.

sorry 'bout that

My friend Jack Cook, guitar player, blues historian, has a tipple that he keeps threatening to bring to one of our shows.