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17-Jan-02 - 08:45 AM
Thread Name: Titanic and Olympic
Subject: RE: Titanic and Olympic
Ok, the Carpathia first:

after picking up survivors from the Titanic, it apparently returned to its usual service until outbreak of WWI.

5th September 1914 the Carpathia incurred the wrath of the Italian government for failing to obtain an emigrant licence, which was require dto carry their nationals, and was subsequently fined. It then continued commercial service throughout the war, first operating from the Piraeus in Greece and then in 1915, being transferred to the NY and Boston run from Liverpool.

17th July 1918 it was travelling in convoy, bound for Boston, when it was struck by two torpedoes some 120 miles west of Fastnet. A 3rd torpedo hit the ship as the lifeboats were being manned. Five of the crew were killed by the explosions. The remainder of the crew and the 57 passengers on board were picked up by the HMS Snowdrop and safely brought to Liverpool. The Carparthia sank at 12.40am that day

I'll work on Rostron in a bit, but that's the official Cunard potted history...