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Posted By: katlaughing
14-Mar-99 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Dear, Demented and Confused Catspaw (NOI),

Ya' gotta step up to the real world, ala the 21st century, man!***smile*** The cd I mentioned in the other thread, thanks for reading it by the way, has some of the MOST beautiful music I've ever heard and it sounds traditional in the sense that it is melodious and NOT caricature-ish ala beach band crap (I have an idea of what you're talking about and I HATE it!).

I really couldn't tell what country it was from when I first heard it and the instruments he plays, including tin whistle, harmonica, guitar, vibraphone, melodica, charango, maulincho, and ronroco absolutely SING!

Sure, you say you respect me, but will you still say that in the morning?! If so, please give this cd a listen, open and expand your mind to embrace new sounds and concepts, in other words, don't be a stick in the beach of the 60's Rio scene!***BIG GRIN*** Or is it called being a "purist"? Uh-oh, now I've done it! The wrath of openminded phoakies is gonna rain down 'pon my head! PEACE! PEACE! I say!

Seriously, this is why I keep coming back to the Mudcat. I love the lively discussions, the "agree to disagree" conclusions, the ongoing riposte, double entendres, and darn good information/education which comes of it every time I log on! Thank you, Catspaw, you're right we don't have to like all of the same stuff, any of us.

I am ending my sabattical this week which I took from writing my op/ed column when mom died. I've been looking for a subject and was contemplating something about the "Harmony of Friends" I call the Mudcat. But...I've decided I don't really want to share that too much; don't want it inundated by a bunch of newbies en masse. Like a fine jewel buried deep in the heart of a mountain, the Mudcat gleams for those few who are lucky enough to stumble upon it in their search.

Now, I DON'T mean I don't want any new people coming here! After all, I was a newbie just last January. What I mean is any newbie must find it on their own or through another Mudcateer, thus proving themselves worthy! Boy, is my nose up in the air or what!?

Well, 'nough said. Thanks, again, Catspaw AND DON! My respect and honour to you both,