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Posted By: BK
14-Mar-99 - 10:21 PM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Glad (maybe?) to know tipples are not going to promt an iminent barrage of Alien invaders trying to conquer the Pennsylvania farmland near Nazareth.. Whew! I was worried for a few decades..

About he redeeming value of a nominally ant-eating mammal that most new biology students will key out as a reptile, cuz they'l forget abt the external ears: They may also be a reservoir for leprosy, tho may not likely transfer the disease to man often, & it's not that easy to get.. BUT, I used to do autopsies on them for a professor of mine. WOW do they stink; almost as much as cooking 'possum. YECH! NASTY! (NOI to fans of Possum Almondine, or Alfredo, Possum fajita's, etc, etc..)

Cheers, BK