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Posted By: Little Hawk
18-Jan-02 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: Titanic and Olympic
Subject: RE: Titanic and Olympic
Ah, yes, those great conspiracy theories...

It wasn't the Hindenburg Zeppelin that blew up either, it was the Limberger Zeppelin. They changed the name to Hindenburg later, because it sounds much more important.

Also, Custer did NOT die at Little Big Horn! He died a hopeless drunk in a San Francisco flophouse, 13 years later. He wasn't even at Little Big Horn, because he was on an extended spree at the time, and utterly incapable of command.

Furthermore, the Gulf War did not take place in Iraq, it was filmed on a Hollywood sound stage, and in the New Mexico desert. The Iraquis were portrayed mostly by Mexican extras. I suspect the supposed war in Afghanistan will turn out to be something quite similar.

And the famed "Orillia crop circles" were actually made by highly intelligent woodchucks, not aliens or local teenagers...

Amazing isn't it? :-)

- LH