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Posted By: BK
14-Mar-99 - 10:41 PM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
I've just reconsidered part of my last post; When even 'catters know of so few real live instances of even "south american" "humans" using Tipples, & a really tiny scattring of other known, presumably human players of these F'n Things, I'm not sure the Alien Hypothesis is really adequately laid to rest.

I'll bet the "Fuckin' Thing" was the only Tipple in town; God knows, 'catters, I saw a LOT of them in visits over the years. I don't think they worked on the same batch every time I was there, over all those years; often a bunch would be finished, & they were still completing others.. They had to go SOMEWHERE... The Degoba system? Are they being played by Yoda's cousins & sibs?? Or someone more sinister, allied w/the dark side of the force...?

Really: Where the HELL did all the rest go?? They had T-18's (mahogony), T-28's (rosewood, of course) & God knows how many other types ('N She's not tellin').. (NOI) It's bizzarre!

Cheers, BK