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Posted By: alanabit
20-Jan-02 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: The funniest song you have ever heard II
Subject: RE: The funniest song you have ever heard II
Plenty of mentions for Tom Lehrer, Shel Silverstein and Jake Thackery here - and quite rightly too. I particularly like Lehrer's "I Hold Your Hand in Mine" - not least of all because of its breathtaking bad taste! Another favourite of mine, who hasn't been mentioned yet, is Jeremy Taylor. His song "Liberal Man" does a devastating demolition job on those lefties among us who take ourselves too seriously..."I hate him and I loathe him the fathead lah di dahdian/I've a mind to go and thrash him with my copy of The Guardian"... There has also recently been a thread on Miles Wootton, who is another of our national treasures. If anyone can dig me up the words for "The Senile Delinquent" I'll be delighted.